Exclusive health service in Mallorca


Your health and well-being, our priority.

At Instant Health we offer an exclusive home health service in Mallorca, always putting the comfort and well-being of our clients first, 365 days a year.

We stand out for a close and personal contact, being always accessible for any health consultation and offering an effective solution as quickly as possible.

Our main goal is to provide a customized and global approach to the patient in terms of anti-aging. Aging as it is currently approached can be preventable and at Instant Health we advise and guide on crucial issues such as nutrition, obesity, cardiovascular risk, customized sport indications and the individualized implementation of treatments that promote healthy lifestyle habits. We assess the state of the skin in current concepts of moderation (better aging) and establish current protocols that enhance natural beauty.

Our purpose is to promote in our patients the concept of health as a comprehensive state of physical, social and mental well-being.

Our services

We offer comprehensive health care for our customers with health professionals specializing in internal medicine, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy, and laboratory without the need to go to a medical center, avoiding long waiting times.

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